Vtg Candle Set by Elements Crystal 7 pcs Czech Republic in the Block design

  • $124.99

  • A 7 pc. set of candles in their original heavy glass holders by Elements Crystal.
  • This set is in their original condition as they were sold in a boxed set as "candles".
  • Hard to find as a complete set of 7 pieces and with the vanilla candles intact.
  • Once they have been burned and then the candle remains cleaned out they make beautiful Vases and votive candle holders.
  • These are Made in the Czech Republic in the late 90's in the now discontinued "Block" design.
  • All have the original Mfg. decal-sticker on the bottom.
  • Gorgeous, thick, heavy glass in geometric pattern.

OBSERVATIONS:   This set seems to us to be in almost Mint condition. They were originally sold as candles and none of these have been burned then used as vases and votive holders after burned and cleaned.

No scratches, dings, cracks or chips. Edges in great shape. These are just like they have come right out of the box.

Each of these pieces are made out of very heavy and thick glass.    [see photo closeups for details]. 

SIZE / DIMENSIONS:  Items are: 1 large @ 3-1/2" dia. x 6-5/8" tall at over 3 lbs. weight +/-

2 med. size @ 3-3/8" dia. x 4-1/2" tall at approx. 2 lbs +/-

4 small size @ 3-1/4" x 2-1/4" tall at approx. 1 lb +/-

COMMENTS:     This is a gorgeous set of heavy crystal holders with the original "vanilla" scented candles. These are hard to find where they have not already been burned and then cleaned out. Many are sold as vases once cleaned out.

If you choose to burn them, you can also clean them out when finished and you will have a beautiful set of crystal holders or vases in the discontinued vintage "Block" design.

Will make a great gift for any occasion.

Antique, Vintage and old items will show their age and some surface wear is to be expected. Many customers prefer the original patina and or wear. See photo closeups for details or contact us and ask for additional details or photos.








Used item: This set is in excellent condition. In original condition having the original vanilla scent candles in them. Never burned. No chips, cracks, scratches, dings, flea or chigger bites. Just like they came out of the box. [See Photo close-ups for details]



By : "Elements"

Country/Region of Manufacture : Czech Republic

Fragrance : Vanilla

Style / Design : "Block" design