246358 60 Mesh Filter 15 pcs fit GRACO AP Fusion Air Purge-PLUS FREE BONUS PC=16

  • $24.15

ATTENTION Spray Foam, Coatings and Spray On Bedliner Contractors

DESCRIPTION:   This is a set of 60 mesh FILTERS, that substitutes for GRACO* Pt. # 246358. They fit Graco Fusion Air Purge / AP guns.

  • Mfg. by Spray Foam and More - SmartParts div. and are designed to provide quality aftermarket replacement parts for Graco AP Air Purge Spray Foam Insulation spray guns.

These are Genuine Spray Foam and More SmartParts and they DO NOT VOID YOUR WARRANTY!!

Our Way of Saying .. "You Do Have an Alternative" and not at the HIGH COST of OEM Graco prices

COMMENTS:       This is a packaged set of filters used to screen out debris, particles or contaminents in resins, Isocyanates and liquids sprayed through Graco* Fusion Air Purge AP Guns during applications of open cell, closed cell foams, resins and other liquids.
MATERIAL:          * Made from Industrial Grade Stainless Steel to Industry Standards of +/- .015" to .020"
SIZE / DIMENSIONS [in inches]   * .785" x .423"
COLORS:        * Silver 
CONDITION:     * New
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Aftermarket parts : Fits GRACO AP Fusion Air Purge Gun

Brand : Spray Foam and More

Colors : silver

Comments : Attic Wall Crawlspace Insulation Bed Liners

Compatibility : fits GRACO Fusion Air Purge AP spray foam guns

Country/Region of Manufacture : United States

Dates : New

Features : Industrial grade, tight tolerances, zip locked bagged

Graco Part Number : 246358 60 mesh

Maker-Mfg.-Importer-Dist. : Spray Foam and More SFAM SmartParts div.

Materials : Industrial Stainless Steel

Model : fits GRACO Fusion Air Purge AP spray foam guns

MPN : 246358 60 mesh

Size-Dimension A : .785" x .423"

Size-Dimension B : Industrial Tolerance: +/- .015-.020 Industry Standard

Style / Shape : cylindrical, Round

Theme or Uses : filter out particles in resin or ISO on Graco AP Fusion Guns

Type-Category : Industrial replacement parts